Jun 21 2017

Cool down with watermelon frost. It can save your life

Wow! The weather is HOT this summer and its only mid-June! We have seen temperatures up to 113 – 115 degrees and this will continue through the weekend! According to NPR the heat has caused cancelled plane flights in Phoenix, burns from falling and touching the ground, more snake sightings than usual and HEAT STROKE!!!

Watermelon is the best food and remedy you will find for dealing with heatstroke other than staying inside your air-conditioned house. But sometimes you must go out and having a nice cool watermelong to return home to is the key.Watermelon frost is a Chinese herb and it is the rind of the watermelon. It is that white part most people don’t eat but throw away with the green! Never throw it away again! Not only can watermelon treat the heat stroke but also other ailments caused by extreme heat such as a cough, dry itchy throat, constipation and prickly heat.

Watermelon can be eaten alone. Make sure you eat the white frost along with the red juicy part. Keeping it cold in the refrigerator is more effective for reducing the heat than leaving it out on the counter.

Watermelon soup is helpful for lung heat and cough and can prevent a heatstroke. To make the soup clean the watermelon skin. Cut the green rind off leaving the white part. take the watermelon frost (white part) and put it in a pot with rock sugar and cook it over heat, just like making a stew. Once cooked let the water cool before drinking.

Anger and constipation can also be caused by extreme heat in the summer. Watermelon frost can moisten the intestines and reduce fat. Just wash the watermelon rind and remove the green outer rind. Put the watermelon in the juicer and drink for a laxative effect.

Sometimes the extreme temperatures can cause prickly heat rashes on the body. Watermelon frost can also help with this. Just clean the skin and then rub the watermelon frost gently over the rash to relieve itching and eliminate prickly heat.
Medicine doesn’t have to be expensive! Go buy yourself a watermelon!

***some of the information from this article came from Best China News***

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