Mar 21 2018

Allergy Season is here

Springtime in Tucson is so beautiful. The sun shines, the flowers bloom. But with that comes the wind blowing pollen and dust around.
Did you know that acupuncture can help allergies and the common cold? IT CAN!!!!! In fact, acupuncture can both treat and prevent allergies and colds. You don’t have to suffer that runny, stuffy nose, those watery, itchy eyes or that constant sneezing.

In Chinese medicine allergies are often due to wind invasions. That doesn’t only mean that the wind blew the pathogen into you. It also means that the symptoms move around or cause itchy eyes, nose and throat. Itchiness is a sign and symptom of wind. If you have a runny nose with copious, clear phlegm you have a wind cold invasion but if you have a sore throat and yellow phlegm you have a wind heat invasion. There are many other TCM patterns you could have too but these are the two most common. Along with acupuncture, the Chinese formula Yin Chiao can be used in the first couple of days of a wind cold or wind heat invasion to knock it out.

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