Mar 22 2024

Take a Break, Take Time For Self Care, Take a Retreat

Retreats are everywhere these days!  When you only have a short amount of time for vacation why choose to take a retreat?

We are all so busy! Have we always been this way? Although technology was supposed to make life easier we thought.  But life is now 24/7 and communication is available in so many ways and we are expected to respond.  Whether we work, are parents, are caretakers for family members there is always too much to do. 

Vacations are relaxing but…. But there is also the hustle and bustle of what time is my ticket to the museum?  What time is the next tour bus leaving for the ancient ruins?  What time do I have to catch my train…am I late?   It’s busy season and there are lines for dinner at all the restaurants!  My cell phone charger got water damage at the beach!  Where is the nearest brewery and what time do they open because I just crammed so many things into one short day that I need a beer!   So many things all the time!  And I am supposed to be on vacation!!!

At a retreat you relax. 
Your schedule is taken care of for you.  And you know what…luckily for you, if you are too tired for the morning yoga…you can skip it.  If you want to spend the afternoon between scheduled activities in the hammock…it’s there waiting for you.  Fresh juice and coffee, healthy food…look no further…it’s right there for you and you don’t have to wait in line at a busy restaurant. 

Retreats are exotic and peaceful. 
Retreats are often in exotic countries or beautiful local getaways where you get to see beautiful sunrises and sunsets from a beach or a jungle balcony.  Retreat leaders are there to provide you physical, mental and emotional support.  You are in a group of like minded people making new connections and lasting friendships.  There is peace and serenity.  Whether for a day, a weekend or a week, you can ground, relax and unwind in nature.

3 Branches Retreats I have joined 2 friends to start this retreat company. Between the 3 of us we are 3 yoga teachers, 2 acupuncturists and 1 meditation teacher. Our first retreat will be in Costa Rica this summer.

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