Jun 21 2016

Acupuncture, Depression, and Anxiety

Earlier this year we introduced a series of articles that examine the link between acupuncture and emotional health. This article focuses on acupuncture as a treatment for depression and anxiety. It is common for people to say that someone suffering from depression “just needs to get over it.” This claim is false. According to the… Read more »

Dec 10 2015

GREEN ONION recipes for cold and flu season!

Cold and flu season is here!  In Asia many yummy foods are also herbs that are also remedies to help your body fight infections.  And one of them is GREEN ONIONS also known as SCALLIONS. Green onions (cang bai in Chinese) are acrid and warm in properties and go to the Lung and Stomach. Their basic indications… Read more »

Oct 22 2015

Possession and the 7 Dragons in Chinese Medicine

Chinese medicine grew from the Shamanic arts of China.  In ancient cultures of China people believed it was possible that a person could be partially or fully possessed by outside spirits called GUI (phlegm).  Since the cultural cleansing of China all notions of spirits have been purged from Chinese medicine.  Today the 5 Element Acupuncture… Read more »

Oct 01 2015

Yes, in the world of Chinese Acupuncture there are ghost points

October is here and that brings to mind pumpkins and Halloween…and GHOSTS! The ancient Chinese spoke of possession by demons and ghosts.  Some speculate that the Chinese were talking about the spirit word and others think this was their way of speaking of addictions, mental illness and epilepsy. The 13 Ghost Points come from Sun Si-Miao,… Read more »

Feb 10 2015

Year of the Sheep Discount

Gun Hei Fat Choi doesn’t mean happy new year. It translates to something along the lines of may prosperity be with you this coming year. Beginning on Feb. 19th, we will be entering the Year of the Sheep (goat/ram) and what a great year the Sheep will be. 2015, the year of the calm, gentle… Read more »

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