Mar 21 2017

Room Temperature is Best

Do you like your food and beverages to be hot, or cold? A lot of people (especially those of us who live in the desert) feel like iced beverages are best, but cold drinks actually have a negative impact on the body’s digestive tract. Traditional Chinese Medicine teaches us that how and what you eat are important to maintain a healthy body.

The spleen is responsible for processing food through the process of digestion. Cold food and drinks tax the spleen’s energy and inhibit its ability to work properly. When your spleen Qi is depleted, it can cause fatigue; loose stools; cold hands and feet; dizziness when standing up; and extra sensitivity to cold temperatures.

There are many ways to protect and/or heal your digestive tract. The first step is to drink beverages at room temperature. The second is to drink beverages separately from eating food so that your stomach can maintain the optimum temperature for proper digestion. Warm foods like soups, stews, root vegetables, and orange or yellow squash can help your body stay healthy.

Ginger is another natural remedy for your digestive tract. You can eat it raw; include it as an ingredient for your mea;, use it for tea; or eat dried ginger to utilize ginger’s healing benefits.

Acupuncture also plays a strong role in addressing gastrointestinal disorders. Give
The Gathering Point Community Acupuncture a call, or schedule an appointment online.

For more information about how acupuncture can address digestive disorders, check out this article about acupuncture and digestion.

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