Jan 29 2014

Happy Chinese New Year…and a February promotion!


The Chinese New Year begins on the 2nd new moon after the Winter Solstice.  January 31 marks the beginning of the Year of the Wood Horse in Chinese Astrology.  The horse in Chinese astrology is male energy, free spirited and independent, adventurous and fun loving.  Wood is the element of growth.

So what does this all mean for us in 2014.  The Wood horse is an excellent year for travel, the energy brings in unexpected adventure, fast victories and surprising romance.  It is a time when you must make quick decisions. Events move more quickly and there is no time for hesitation.  You must make decisions and take the actions and do them quick or you will miss out…but make sure you make the right decision.  You can use your head quickly just as you can slowly!  There is a difference between impatience and quick cautious thinking!

Horse years all together are good years!  They are a time of good luck!  If you want to add to your good luck, in Chinese folklore it is a tradition to welcome prosperity by staying up late on New Years Day, Feb.1st this year, and making a wish between 9:30 and 11:30pm facing the northwest.



What better way to show our loved ones we care for them then to bring them in for acupuncture.  We will be having a 2 for 1 promotion in February.  Returning patients may bring a new patient with them for free.  The way this works is if you have been here before you can bring someone to try it out for free.  You can do this as many times as you wish throughout the month but you can only bring the same person for free once.  This promotion will run Feb. 1 – 28th.  There will be an option called 2 for 1 on the on line appointment scheduler or you can call for an appointment  777-7444.


Have a great month and see you soon!

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