Jan 16 2024


YEAR of the WOOD DRAGON begins February 10, 2024

The Dragon is the 5th animal in the 12 Year Chinese Zodiac. Why is the Dragon 5th?

According to one of many myths, the Jade Emperor held a race and decreed that the order of the animals in the Chinese zodiac would be decided by who crossed the finish line in the first 12 places.  The Dragon was in the lead on the way to the finish line when he found a village suffering from a serious drought. Crops were not growing. There was famine. So the Dragon flew across the clouds and opened his mouth to make rain, solving their hardship. The Dragon continued on the race but then he came across a village threatened by flood. Without hesitation he opened his mouth to absorb the water and move it to the sea. A second village was saved by the Dragon. He hurried along towards the races end when he saw that the rabbit was being chased by a wolf. In order to save the rabbit he let the rabbit go ahead and dealt with the wolf himself.  By generously helping others, as is his nature Dragon came in after Rabbit in the zodiac race.

This is the year of the WOOD DRAGON. Some of the good qualities associated with this the Dragon: powerful, energetic, full of life, goal oriented, idealistic, leader, confident, generous, ambitious, fearless. Some of the bad qualities are fiery temper, impulsive, self centered. The wood aspect lends towards these dragons being creative and visionary.

1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000 and 2012. The last WOOD DRAGON year was in 1964. 1964 was the year the Beatles took America by storm and also the year that the US Civil RIghts Act was signed into law by President Johnson.

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