Oct 22 2015

Possession and the 7 Dragons in Chinese Medicine

Chinese medicine grew from the Shamanic arts of China.  In ancient cultures of China people believed it was possible that a person could be partially or fully possessed by outside spirits called GUI (phlegm).  Since the cultural cleansing of China all notions of spirits have been purged from Chinese medicine.  Today the 5 Element Acupuncture tradition still follows some of the ancient beliefs and uses the 7 Dragon treatment to help purge these spirits.

What things would lead a person today to be vulnerable to possession?  Some things are drugs and alcohol abuse, addiction to money, job or sex, engaging with the occult (addiction to religion, guru type figures), opening oneself up to others, sexual abuse, extreme climatic factors and negative thoughts. The person’s freedom has been taken away by the spirit.

In possession part of the person is gone, no longer available.  The person is not in control of his or her life.  You can look in the person’s eyes and see that the person is not there but instead there is a vacant, distant stare.  The person may hear voices, have extremely strange dreams. There may be abnormal speech and eye patterns. The person may engage in self-mutilation or destructive habits.   Unusual thoughts are common.  Some people even say they feel not quite themselves or they feel possessed.

The 7 dragon treatment help a person possessed reconnect to the self.  The 7 beneficial dragons patrol around the body to expel the evil spirits that have taken up residence.  The 7 Dragons treatment is 7 acupuncture points on the body inserted inserted in a particular order.  There may be tonification or dispersion methods of the needles.  The needles are left in until there is a change in pulses or eyes. One treatment alone may not be enough if there are layers of possession.  If the treatment for possession is done but the person is not possessed there is no harm done.

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