Nov 01 2015

Contribute and Save

It’s the holiday season, and many of us are thinking about what to bring to Thanksgiving dinner. Many people do not have that luxury. Did you know that food insecurity affects 16 million kids and their families each year?

Hunger is not only an issue of health, [it] is extremely detrimental to a child’s education and emotional development. One in five American students come from food insecure families, meaning their household regularly lacks nutritious food. By the third grade, students from food-insecure homes have lower reading and math scores than their peers, causing a lag that continues into middle and secondary schooling. (American Federation of School Administrators)

The most_neededCommunity Food Bank of Southern Arizona reports that “3 out of 5 teachers say they have children in their classrooms that regularly come to school hungry.” The food bank’s mission is to “end hunger, one child at a time.”

During the month of November, The Gathering Point Community Acupuncture will be offering a special deal. Bring in nonperishable food items, such as canned food or sealed bags of pasta or dried lentils, and you will receive $5 off the cost of your treatment. All donations will be delivered to Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona.

Here is a list of food items the Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona prefers to distribute. Let’s team up and share some love with others. Good for your karma, and a good way to create positive energy in our community.

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