Jul 21 2015

Acupuncture and Migraines

Do you have frequent migraine headaches? Acupuncture just might be the treatment you’re looking for. In fact, studies have shown that acupuncture is more effective for treating multiple kinds of headaches than pain killers, such as aspirin.

Migraine headaches typically affect one side of the brain. They can induce feelings of throbbing, intense pain. Migraines can also produce light sensitivity and nausea/vomiting. Emotional stress is a common trigger for migraine headaches. Migraines can also be induced by lack of sleep, hormonal fluxes during menstruation, or caffeine consumption.

Many people are nervous about getting acupuncture treatments because they are afraid that the needles will be painful. However, as Dr. Tong Joo Gan (a researcher from  Duke University) explains,[acupuncture] is a method for releasing your body’s own natural painkillers.”

Acupuncture addresses headache symptoms by increasing blood flow and positive energy to the areas where acupuncture needles are inserted. While it may seem logical to apply acupuncture needles to different points around the head, neck, and shoulders, this can actually be detrimental because increased blood circulation in the head can make headaches worse. Acupuncture treatments for headaches utilize acupressure points in the lower body.

One of our patients, Rachel Anderson, has been receiving acupuncture to treat her migraines.

Michele always knows where to place the acupuncture needles to reduce my pain. Michele is so smooth when she slips the needles that it doesn’t hurt. Sure, it doesn’t completely eradicate the symptoms, but acupuncture has empowered me to move forward with confidence. Migraines will not deter me from accomplishing my goals. I have Michele to thank for that.

If you are experiencing chronic migraines, contact The Gathering Point Community Acupuncture to schedule an appointment. We’ll help you manage your headaches.

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